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penis_guy's Journal

The Adventures of Penis Guy
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Absurd photoshop nonsense, mockery, penis, waving penis at people, adventures
This guy emailed me this picture of himself, which I have edited to protect his identity:

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I hadn't asked to see his junk. So I took it upon myself to photoshop him into different adventures. The only requirements are that his eyes and penis be obscured in a humorous way. Bonus if the photoshopping looks like it was done by a special needs four-year-old with MS Paint. Enjoy!

*If you would like to make a Penis Guy submission of your own, email it to me at Peenguy@gmail.com. I reserve the right to accept or reject any submissions, since I am the ruler of PenisGuyLand. Yes, I did just say that.

emailing penis pictures, going on adventures, waving penis at people